Dongbu’s relentless commitment to creativity and challenge for the new millennium, and of the last 50 years.


  • Nov. '2019 Korea Architcecture Award' Main Award in Social Contribution Sector - Seosomun Historical Park and Museum of History
    Jan. 50th Anniversary of Dongbu Construction


  • Dec. Huh Sang-hee takes office as CEO.
    Dec. 2018 Grand Prize in Construction Cooperation Promotion Award and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award
    Nov. 2018 Good Design Prime Minister's Award - Siheung Main-line Commercial Resting Facility, Winning the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award - Chungnam Provincial Library, Good Design Selection – High One Water World
    Jan. Dongbu Engineering & Construction Golf Club Co., Ltd.


  • Dec.  Received a commendation for excellency in railway construction from the Korea Rail Network Authority (Bosung~Imseongri)
    Nov.  Won the grand prize of the 13th Civil Engineering & Construction Technology Awards Korea (Samchecok Production Base Breakwater)
    Jan.  Announced the "Vision 2025 Sustainable Top 10 Builder"


  • Oct. Completed the corporate restructuring
    Sept. Appointed Mr. Lee, Jung-Gil as the new CEO
    Jun. Entered into the M&A Agreement (Keystone Echo Prime)


  • Jan. Started the corporate restructuring


  • Sept. Acquired the business license for Green Remodeling sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infra. and Transport
    Apr. Selected as an excellent enterprise by the Korea Rail Network Authority (Honam High-speed Railway, zone 3-1)


  • - Won the grand prize of the Marketing Awards Korea, customers satisfaction section (Gyeyang Centreville)
    - Relocation of the head office (from Daechi-dong Dongbu Financial Center to Dongja-dong Asterium Seoul)
    - Won the Hankyung Residential Culture Awards for the first half of 2013 (Gyeyang Centreville)
    - Acquired the Green Certification (Construction method of foldlock strip applied-elevation retaining reinforced earth wall)
    - Selected as 2012’s Best Work Field by the Korea Expressway Corporation (Donghongcheon~Anyang zone 11)
    - Acquired the certification of New Environmental Technology (NET #388: 4-Stage Advanced Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Technology (DB-MBR) using Nitrogen-Phosphorus Simultaneous Removing Microorganism and PTFE MBR)


  • - Won the 2012 Marketing Awards Korea, Marketing Strategy Section (Donong Station Centreville)
    - Won the 2012 Construction Collaboration Promotion Awards, prize by the minister of Knowledge Economy
    - Won the grand prize in the 8th Civil Engineering & Construction Technology Awards Korea, Road-Transportation Infrastructure Section (Baehuryung Tunnel)
    Selected as the 2012 Good Design (Centreville Asterium Yongsan and 3 other items)
    Selected as an excellent enterprise in the 2012 Mutual Growth Conference Korea
    Acquired the certificate of the Safety & Health Management System “Construction Business KOSHA 18001’
    - Acquired the certification of New Construction Technology (NET #654: Buried Seawater Intake Facility with Double Intake Tube and Forcible Backwashing Device)
    - Appointed as an excellent builder in 2012 by the Korea Rail Network Authority
    - Temporary opening of the Baehuryung Tunnel (the longest tunnel in the country, to which transverse ventilation system and safety evacuation tunnel method was applied)


  • - Won the 'Korean Architecture Award' in the public sector (Prize by the minister of Land, Infra., and Transport) (Incheon Children Science Museum)

    - Won the 15th Apartment Complex Prize (Yongin –Sinbong Centreville)

    - Established Dongbu Power Corporation

    - Acquired the KEPIC certificate for nuclear power plant construction

    - Entered into the “Top 10 Builders’ Fair Trade & Mutual Growth Agreement’

    - Set the Logistics Dept. of Dongbu Corp. as a separate organization, Dongbu Express Co. Ltd.


  • - Won the '2010 Construction Collaboration Promotion Awards’ in the image improvement section, prize by the minister of Land, Infra., and Transport.
    - Gyeyang Centreville accomplished the grand slam in the residential environment sector (First to receive the ‘Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED)’ certification in the country/ first to receive the preliminary certification of ‘the Obstacle-Free 1st Class Living Environment’ in the residential complex sector/ preliminary certification of the 1st rate building energy efficiency/ preliminary certification of the ‘excellence rating in environmental friendly buildings’ etc.)
    - Won the grand prize in the 14th Apartment Complex Prize (Jinjeop Centreville)
    - Won the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Award by the female customers for Centreville Asterium
    - MOU of the ‘Project for Recycling the Industrial Water of the Sewage Disposal System” with the Office of Dangjin-gun