Residential Works

Dongbu Corporation strives to create beautiful living space that represent the contemporary world based on its advanced technology and the high quality.
Dongbu’s persistent endeavors to build a new housing culture in harmony of rich lifestyle and cultural enjoyment
has put Dongbu in the leading position in the field of residential projects.


Centreville, a famous apartment brand of Dongbu Corporation, symbolizes a house that provides the residents with beautiful lifestyle, a landmark residential complex, and a houses that can make the life of the residents richer and more exciting.

Since its launching in 2001, Centreville has attracted public attention and received acclamation for its differentiated plan, and unique and refined design. For example, night scene lighting and blue glass curtain wall were applied for the first time in the apartment buildings in the country. Ichon Centreville which dug through the central part of the building to create a space, Daechi Centreville, a high class residential complex in the country, and many others were Dongbu’s proud achievement which have became the landmark of the neighborhood for the last 10 years.

In addition, Dongbu launched a brand of multi-purpose residential complex named Centreville Asterium in 2009. Centreville Asterium is renowned for it luxurious building design in Korea.
Centreville Asterium is a building that realizes a variety of convergence lifestyle, in harmony of housing, business, culture and shopping. Dongbu Corporation presents a new vision of multi-functional residential building in the urban areas and enhances its capacity to develop high-rise complexes.

Through persistent research on residential environment, Dongbu Corporation continuously develops new products to improve housing function, and creates living space that satisfies the residents in both practical and sensible aspects.

Main Project Areas

  • Apartment Bldg.
  • Apartment Houses
  • Rental Housing
  • Remodeling
  • Etc.