Plant Works

Dongbu Corporation carries out large-scale industrial facility constructions successfully with firm commitment to environmental protection as its principle.
In addition to extensive district energy projects and municipal household waste incinerators, in all types of plant construction,
Dongbu secures its strong competitiveness in all types of plant works.


Industrial plant construction is a high value-added technology-intensive work, which requires a high degree of expertise and knowhow. Dongbu’s Plant Works Unit is renowned in the filed of plants by successfully undertaking various projects including household waste incineration facility, large-scale district energy project, and steel industry facility which are the base of national industry.

Specifically, the Plant Unit has carried out large-scale municipal waste incineration facilities construction across the country, such as the Resources Recovery Facility in the Wide Eastern Area and in the Yangju Area respectively, and performed various projects in the energy section as participating in the construction of district energy facility in Busan-Jeongwan which aims to save energy and improve the environmental condition.

Lately, the Plant Unit has successfully completed Dongbu Steel’s hot rolling mill plant in Asan Bay by applying the state-of-art methods and skills, and the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) for electric furnace of Dongbu Steel’s Donghae factory, both of which Dongbu Construction, established its recognition as the top-class steel plants construction technology.

Based on the rich experience and industrial competence in plant construction, Dongbu Corporation will expand the range of its business areas to new growth business, most importantly the renewable energy business.

Main Project Areas

  • Environmental Plant
  • Energy Plant
  • Industrial Plant
  • Other facilities