The List of Awards and Recognitions

  • 2013
    • Dec. 2013 Korea Marketing Grand Prize Customer Impression Category Grand Prize (Yangyang centreville)
      Jun. Hankyung Residential Culture Award in the first half of 2013 Grand Prize for environment-friendly category (Yangyang centreville)
      Feb. Selected as the best site for 2012 Korea Highway Corporation (Dong Hongcheon - Yangyang 11th)

  • 2012
    • Dec. 2012 Korea Marketing Target Marketing Strategy Category Grand Prize (Centennial)
      Dec. 2012 Awarded Minister of Knowledge Economy Award for Promotion of Construction Cooperation
      Nov. The 8th Korea Civil Engineering Technology Award Grand Prize in Road Traffic Facility - Baehrim-ri tunnel
      Oct. 2012 Asia Today 'green construction target' housing complex target - centreville austerium Yongsan
      Oct. 2012 AJU Economy 'Construction Target' High-grade Housing Target - Heungseok New Town centreville II
      Sept. Selected as an excellent company of 'Korea Win-Win Conference'
      Jul. Hankyung Residential Culture Grand Prize' in 1st Half of 2012 Housing Complex Target - centreville austerium Seoul
      May. fn housing · construction power brand target' best selling complex - rust translation centreville
      May. The '6th Apartment Brand Award' preference category hosted by Asia Economy - centreville
      Jan. 2012 Civil Engineering Day sponsored by Korean Society of Civil Engineers

  • 2011
    • Dec. Hagyeong Green Residential Culture Grand Prize Customer Satisfaction Grand Prize - Baekseok New Town centreville II
      Dec. Received 'Grand Prize for Environment-friendly' in Hankyung Housing Culture Grand Prize - 'Gyeongyang centreville'
      Nov. BIM Awards 2011 sponsored by the Building Smart Association
      Oct. GD (Good Design) certification in 2011 - total 6 cases (unit of Gyeongyang Centreville unit, others)
      Oct. Award of the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of the 7th Construction and Environment Management Best Practices Competition
      Oct. 'Korean Architecture Culture Grand Prize' Social Public Sector Award - Incheon Children's Science Museum
      Oct. Eco Economy 'Eco-Friendly' Category - Cheongyang centreville
      Oct. Asia Today 'Green Construction Target' Residential Environment - Yangyang centreville
      Aug. Money Today 'Korea Apartment Brand Award' - centreville
      Jul. The 15th Best Living Apartment' Excellence Prize - Yongin Sinbong centreville
      Jun. Hankyung Business 'Well-being Apartment Target' Eco-Friendly Division - Yeongdeok Station centreville
      May. Fn Housing · Construction Power Brand Target' Newly Moved Apartment Division - Hwangseok Han River centreville
      May. Money Today Best Grand Prize in the Apartment Service Division of Korea Housing Service Grand Prize - Honolulu Han River centreville
      May. Grand Prize of 'The 5th Asian Economy Apartment Brand Grand Prize' - centreville
      Feb. Selected as 'Best Environmental Management Site' by Korea Highway Corporation - Jangheung - Gwangyang 6

  • 2010
    • Dec. Recognition of "Quality and Post-Management Evaluation of Construction Project in 2010" by Incheon Metropolitan City - Incheon Children's Science Museum Site
      Dec. Won the bronze prize of "15th Gyeonggi-do Architectural Culture Award" - Hwaseong City Women's Youth Training Center, Gwangju City Government Building
      Dec. Web Award Korea 2010' Cyber ??Exhibition Area Grand Prize - centreville Cyber ??House
      Dec. Received '2010 Hegyeong Green Residential Culture Grand Prize' in Green Home Division - Yangyang centreville
      Dec. Awarded Grand Prize in Landscape category of '2010 Hankyung Residential Culture Grand Prize' - Yongin Shinbong centreville
      Dec. Won the 2010 BIM Awards Design Award - centreville austerium Seoul
      Nov. Awarded by the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
      Oct. AJU Economic Development Target' redevelopment division - centreville austerium Yongsan
      Oct. The 2nd Green Construction Target' Environment & Landscape - centreville austerium Yongsan
      Sept. Received '5th Asian Construction Comprehensive Award' in Customer Satisfaction - Yongin Sinbong centreville
      Jul. Received the Grand Prize in the '14th Good Living Apartment' - Jinsung centreville
      Jul. 2010 Quality Satisfaction Award selected by female consumers - centreville austerium
      May. The 10th fn Housing & Construction Power Brand' Targeted in residential & commercial complex - centreville austerium
      May. Awarded the "Community Service Award" in Korea Housing Service by Money Today - centreville
      Apr. 4th Asia Economy Apartment Brand Award' Grand Prize Grand Prize - centreville