Environmental Management

We exercise sustainable environmental management through effective system, for the future generation to have rich and pleasant life in better environment.
Zero Tolerance
to Environmental
We minimize and prevent environmental contamination and accidents by carrying out eco-friendly construction business and service.
Compliance with
the Environmental
We comply with the laws and regulations that are applied to our business and govern the environmental matters, as well as the agreements with any interested parties to protect the environment.

Environmental Management System

Dongbu Corporation operates the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, an international standard, as follows.

We operate a pre-inspection system to carry out eco-friendly management
- Operation of the law and regulation applied-goal management system
- Application of environmental impact-minimizing measures, fit to the workplace conditions
We carry out regular inspection and make sure a cautionary measure in place to prevent any environmental accident.
- Prevention of environmental accidents through internal inspection regularly
- Ensuring the fitness and improvement by using 3rd party monitoring system
We increase our environmental management capability through new technology development and systematical education.
- Development of eco-friendly new technology/method
- Inspiration of environmental consciousness and enhancement of eco-management competence through education and training
- Support and mutual cooperation with our partners to attain the environmental goals

Eco-Friendly Project Process

To execute eco-friendly projects, Dongbu Corporation operates the following process.

  • PLAN

    - Establish on-site environmental policy

    - Analyze and predict environmental impact

    - Review the existing institution and collects local residents opinion

  • DO

    - Education for the staff members’ capability

    - Compliance with the eco-friendly management standard

    - Prepare a responsive system for emergency


    - Check the appropriateness of environmental management

    - Monitor the external environmental changes


    - Rectify any unfitness and take the cautionary actions

    - Continuous effort to improve the performance

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001 Certificate

It is an official certification by A 3rd party (certificate authority)
which evaluates the placement and practice of a company’s
effective environmental management system and determines
the appropriateness of the system.

Acquisition/Maintenance History

- 1996. 09 ISO 14001 certification acquisition (BVQI)
- 1998. 05 ISO 14001 certification modification (KFQ)
- 2006. 06 ISO 14001 certification modification (BSI Korea)
- 2016. 06 ISO 14001 certification modification (TUV Korea)

Certification Range

Civil engineering, building and housing, plants (incl. chemistry, power, environmental and industrial facilities), fire works, planning and development of electrical work and communication construction, project management, procurement, construction operation service.